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Health & performance education and training: what sets us apart -


  • Our health/fitness/performance initiatives accord with current guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the American Council on Exercise. Our initiatives consider the individuality and dignity of all persons, that our day-to-day choices--much more than our genes, gender or age--determine our body/brain health, and a wealth of practical knowledge can be drawn from the congruity and confluence of contemporary scientific research and Scripture.


  • Our training focus includes both health and performance: As you age, you will only be able to do what you train for.


  • We work to prevent and  reverse – not merely manage – major disease such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and to limit or reverse disability due to disease, injury or disuse (inactivity). Fortunately, God has built into our bodies a tremendous recovery potential.


  • We are holistic. Our objective is for you to enjoy a long, disability-free, independent life, with the ability to be fully expressive across the entire spectrum of life areas - spiritual, relational, sexual, vocational, recreational, and physical.


  • We are uniquely equipped with the knowledge, skill, and credentials to work effectively with you who encounter barriers due to disease, injury or disuse.

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