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Finding the “Third Way”
Conflict Resolution


Couples & Families 

Pastors and their Churches 

In many conflict situations a mediator acting as a neutral facilitator can help the parties find a solution that is not "either-or," but a third way that satisfies both.

    The mediator does not engage in counseling or offer legal or financial advice, but is a neutral third party facilitator who works with the conflicting parties to reach a lasting, mutually acceptable solution. Mediation can provide a clear sense of direction and new ideas in the mediation process.

    Unlike an arbitrator or judge, the mediator does not render a decision, and does not have the power to force the parties to accept a settlement.  In mediation, the parties retain control of the process and the outcomes of the negotiations. 

Marriage and Family


    Conflict occurs in the healthiest of relationships. If handled well, conflict is often the forerunner of positive change and personal growth. Sometimes, however, couples or families find it difficult to resolve long-standing disputes, or to find themselves in a cycle of recurring conflicts.
    Mediation is an effective tool for helping families and couples in conflict find a path of resolution.

Pastors and Churches

     Conflicts in the church including those occurring during periods of transition, can be especially complex and challenging.
     A professional mediator can help conflicting parties through difficult periods of transition, be an effective facilitator in critical decision-making periods, and can help achieve mission potential in times of conflict. 

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