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Our services:

  • Health and performance services for individuals, couples, and families

  • Interactive workshops and seminars for churches, corporations, organizations, and retirement communities 

  • Services designed for churches--pastors, leaders, and members

For questions or to discuss specific services:

Phone, text, or email Dr. William White   



  We are based in Butler, PA,

                     Our services are available nationwide                     

I. Personal training and coaching for body/brain health, performance, and fitness -  We create evidence-based lifestyle strategies for preventing and reversing disease and achieving optimal physical and cognitive performance. We begin with a no-fee interview. In this meeting, you outline your goals and expectations and acquaint yourself with our philosophy, approach, and resources. Our services are individually tailored for each client, determined by personal history, current fitness level, medical issues and injuries, and short-term and long-term goals.

     In addition to personal training and health coaching sessions, we offer a wealth of resources. Our videos and printed materials are available at no fee. In-person training is offered within a reasonable distance from Butler, PA. Nationwide, we have been very successful in working with clients via live video.

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Exercise equipment 
Dick Hartzell 
Buddy Lee 

Amy White, LPC

II. Seminars and workshops for corporations, churches, and retirement communities - We offer interactive, inspirational, evidence-based sessions, tailoring each seminar, workshop, or series to the audience's unique composition, needs, and objectives. 

A description of our two primary workshops and seminars

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William White, Ph.D.

A brochure for the interactive seminar on performance training 
for senior adults

Books by Amy and William White
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REIMAGINE charts a path to spiritual, emotional, and physical health. It addresses major themes essential to discovering your life purpose and for creating your unique personal vision and action plan for your life. This is not your typical self-help manual. Its power is in blending the practical wisdom of the Old and New Testaments with knowledge derived from scientific research, both mirrored in the inspiring stories of ordinary people achieving the extraordinary. It addresses major areas of life—spiritual, relational, vocational, recreational, physical, and emotional.


YOUR LIFE, YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR FUTURE is for individuals and groups—as a stand-alone or to accompany the book REIMAGINE Your Life, Your Purpose, Your Future. It is a tool for an individual working independently and a resource and curriculum guide for professional counselors, pastors, teachers, Bible study leaders, and church home group coordinators. It is solidly based on Scripture and draws from relevant science interpreted in the light of the Bible. Like the book, it addresses significant areas of life—spiritual, relational, vocational, recreational, physical, and emotional.

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