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Primary Assumptions

Ageless IDEAS "Training for Life"

I.  Through coaching, personal training, and education you will identify where you stand in health,

     fitness, and body/brain performance; discover what is ultimately possible; and be equipped to make life

     choices toward achieving your overall potential.   

II. We offer: 
     Coaching and personal training services in client homes, outdoors, and via live Zoom video.         Inspirational education through interactive presentations, seminars, and workshops for
     churches, corporations, schools, and communities.
III. Personal training and coaching 
Option 1: The Core 4-Week Program is designed to set you free to exercise on your own. It includes (1) a comprehensive assessment; (2) personal training/coaching sessions; (3) a tailored plan for achieving personal goals and; (4) and video and written resources.
Option 2: Personal training and health coaching are for individuals and couples opting for a series of personal training and/or coaching sessions.  We work with you as trainer, educator, and co-strategist to create an individualized long-term plan for realizing your best in all that you love to do and are called to do.
The following lab tests are available:
1) Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c) with eAG + CRP,hs + Homocysteine
2) Cardio IQ® Advanced Lipid Panel and Inflammation Panel
3) 10 Most Important Tests + Cardio IQ® Advanced Lipid Panel
Additional expert guidance is available upon request:
In addition to the exercise physiologist providing assessment, coaching, training, and education, a physician contributes medically-based education and Q & A, speaking to your health history, your comprehensive assessment, lab results, and personal goals; dietitian offers tailored nutritional education and guidance; and a clinical neuropsychologist provides brain health education and guidance. We are able to connect you with leading, nationally-recognized health professionals.
NOTE: A hands-on medical exam is not included in the programs. It is strongly recommended that you share the data and results of your program with your doctor. One option for a complete wellness medical exam is the one offered by the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. They have done 265,000 preventive exams with more than 100,000 clients since 1970.  
IV.  Presentations are interactive, inspirational, and evidence-based designed to serve corporations,
      communities, educational institutions, and churches. Each presentation is adapted to meet the
      unique composition, needs, and goals of the audience. 



HOW TO BE BETTER AT EVERYTHING: Life-Changing News from Medical Science and Inspiration from the Lives of Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Things

FINDING YOUR PURPOSE: The Blueprint for a Meaningful Life





William White, Ph.D.

Amy J. White, MA, LPC

Our Purpose (Why)


To enable individual men and women to achieve optimal performance in all that they do, sustaining a healthy body and brain across the age span, devoted to being fully expressive in all they are called to do and be—spiritually, relationally, vocationally, recreationally, physically, and emotionally.


Our Vision (What)


Entire communities* becoming vibrant centers for promoting the comprehensive wellness of their members.


*Churches, educational institutions, corporations, communities, organizations, hospitals, and public safety groups (fire, police, emergency).


Our Mission (How)


Invest our writing, speaking, teaching, training, coaching, program design/implementation, and consultation toward inspiring, educating, equipping, and guiding individuals—including those who are in strategic positions to impact entire communities—toward making healthy life choices.

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