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Personal Training - In-home and outdoors.


We serve all ages, with a special concern for those in the latter decades of life. Lifelong independence is promoted through education and training for

  1. developing a sharp brain, reducing the eventual likelihood of Alzheimer's, and other dementias. 

  2. building a strong body to prevent or reverse the loss of muscle and bone that usually begins around age 30. 

  3. maintaining a high capacity for skilled movement--good balance, coordination, agility, quickness, speed, and smoothness.

  4. feeling good, with the energy and endurance to accomplish all you set out to do.

  5. the recovery of the loss of body/brain fitness and performance due to disease, injury, and inactivity.


Life/Health Coaching - Face-to-face or telephonic education and guidance for health-risk and disease prevention, mitigation, and reversal; and for developing strategies for achieving goals in major life areas. 


Consultation and Design - Design of body/brain fitness centers and tailored programs for retirement communities, corporations, and churches. 


Public Speaking - Informative; inspirational; interactive--serving communities, schools and colleges, corporations, and churches.

Our Purpose (Why)


To enable individual men and women to achieve and sustain a healthy body and brain across the age span, devoted to being fully expressive in all we are called to be—spiritually, relationally, vocationally, recreationally, physically, and emotionally.


Our Vision (What)


Entire communities* becoming vibrant centers for promoting the comprehensive wellness of their members.


*Churches, educational institutions, corporations, communities, organizations, hospitals, and public safety groups (fire, police, emergency)


Our Mission (How)


Invest our writing, speaking, teaching, training, coaching, counseling, program design/implementation, and consultation toward inspiring, educating, equipping, and guiding individuals—including those who are in strategic positions to impact entire communities—toward making healthy life choices.




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