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Ageless IDEAS "Training for Life"


We want you to feel good and be at your best in all that matters to you. We desire you to be there for the special people of your life, fulfill your life purpose, and be able to recapture or continue to do all the things you love to do.

     As we age, many tend to decline in health, fitness, and body/brain performance, losing strength, power, flexibility, balance, energy, and mental sharpness. Our training sets you on a path to prevent or reverse this decline to achieve and maintain the highest level of health and body/brain performance possible.  

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Phone: Dr. William White   412-609-2560                             Phone, or click on the scheduling button



If you are thinking about health and performance coaching or personal training and we have not ever worked together:  CALL to schedule an initial interview (the interview is either by phone or live video, and there is no fee) to have your questions answered and, together, to determine if we are a good match.


Our services are available nationwide (our physical location is in Butler, PA)


I. Health and Life Coaching: Our coaching sessions are conducted face-to-face (client home or outdoors), by telephone, or via live video. The coach serves as an advocate and co-strategist as you implement lifestyle choices that address life's major areas--relational, vocational, spiritual, and body and brain health and performance.


II. Personal training: Training sessions are conducted in-home, outdoors, or via live video, we are prepared to equip you to achieve your body/brain health, fitness and performance goals. We are available to work with you long-term, but many of our clients quickly find themselves with sufficient knowledge, skill, and resources to train on their own. 

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III. Presentations: Interactive, inspirational, evidence-based sessions designed to serve corporations, hospitals, churches, organizations, communities, and educational institutions. Each presentation, seminar, or series is adapted to the unique composition, needs, and objectives of the audience.

Themes include--

HOW TO BE BETTER AT EVERYTHING: Life-Changing News from Medical Science and Inspiration from the Lives of Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Things

FINDING YOUR PURPOSE: Creating Your Blueprint for a Meaningful Life



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Amy White, LPC

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William White, Ph.D.

Check out our books, available on Amazon--

in eBook and Paperback formats


REIMAGINE charts a path to spiritual, emotional, and physical health. It addresses major themes essential to discovering your life purpose and for creating your unique personal vision and action plan for your life. This is not your typical self-help manual. Its power is in blending the practical wisdom of the Old and New Testaments with knowledge derived from scientific research, both mirrored in the inspiring stories of ordinary people achieving the extraordinary. It addresses major areas of life—spiritual, relational, vocational, recreational, physical, and emotional.


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A Personal Journal is designed for individuals and groups—as a stand-alone guide, or in conjunction with the book, REIMAGINE—Your Life, Your Purpose, Your Future. It is a tool for an individual working independently, and is a resource or curriculum guide for professional counselors, pastors, Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, and church home group coordinators. It is solidly based on Scripture, and draws from relevant science interpreted in the light of the Bible. Like the book, it addresses major areas of life—spiritual, relational, vocational, recreational, physical, and emotional.